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Originally Posted by Remi93supraTT View Post
Recently this week my 93 supra tt auto started to not rev pas 3rpm after it shifts from the first gear.On the first gear i am able to get to 7rpm but after that it doesnt rev past 3 rpm. It feels like i would have a cut off or it goes on limp mode. My dad is coming to scan for codes but i wanted to know if somone had a problem like that before. My upgrades are straight pipe FMC and intake and blitz blow off. Any help is much appreciated. Thank u
First, sorry for the delayed response. If your Supra is still having the problem, it sounds like a boost leak to a blown intercooler coupling for example. A small tear or partially-slipped clamp on the back-side would be hard to see, and would only leak during hard boost - which would throw the ecu into limp mode when boosting...but could seem to behave somewhat normally when not boosting.

To troubleshoot, just pressurize your entire charge-air system to about 20psi. You'll hear the leak.
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