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Default 89 Supra - Cooling Fan Relay - Please Help


I have an 89 Supra (Non Turbo) and I started having overheating issues. I have done many processes to fix this problem.

Initially, The car would overheat showing me on the temp gauge which was on or close to red. Now the gauge doesn't go past the half way mark, but I feel that the engine is still heating past the normal level and idles rough.

One thing I've noticed, is that the cooling fans do not turn on at all. I have tested them by connecting them directly to the battery, and the turn on. Then I created a jump (Bridge) on the cooling sensor connectors and the fans do not turn on.

The only thing I think needs to be done is to change the fan relay. but here is the problem. I've purchased the new relay.....but I can't find where it goes. I have looked at many diagrams and have followed the cables and I just don't see where it needs to connect. The relay I purchased is a round cylinder looking part. I do see there are 2 square type enclosures close to the battery that are connected to the fans. Could those 2 be the relay(s)?

This problem started with my reservoir tank overflowing with steam and the car overheating.

Here is what I've done to the car to try to fix it

Changed Thermostat - Same issue
Changed all the heat sensors - Same issue
Radiator Flush - Same Issue

Can I please get some guidance on where I can find the Fan relay? Maybe I'm not looking at the right diagram, but I've checked so many of them and none of them show the location of a round cylinder looking part as the relay.

Thank you for your time.
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