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Default Total low life in my Home Town Pontefract UK.

Well it has finally happened my Camry that was parked up across the road has been vandalised today or last night, some low life that has no reason to live forced the top of the passenger door to get in opened the drivers door then proceeded to rip the steering wheel off, sheared the threaded end of the steering shaft off and half the trim under the steering. Mindless the anti social ass hole din't even try to steal the radio or even look in the boot just did the damage and fuc*ed off. What was the total effort put in by the "Police Scientific Research " team !! 1 old fart nearly as old as me in a battered old ford transit the size of an old escort van turned up and gave his CSI Pontefract vast experience and the once over and said, "can;t get anything ere guv, they musta worn gluvs mate"

I wan't to meet this twat and give him the benefit of MY experience especially the experience of getting his ass blown off by my trust 12 gauge. make no mistake I would give him a ride into the dales and show him the virtues of God's own country (so they say up here) and then I would slowly introduce him to "G" over a period of about 5 hours. I would kneecap him first, break both arms and proceed to remove the skin on his hands, finger by finger with my bushman skinning knife, when that was done I would cut his John Thomas off and stuff it down his gob.

When is this nobhead Cameroon going to put the right number of coppers back on the beat and start a new building cycle of Prisons, about 300 of em or as an alternative bring home our brave volunteers from places like Iraq and Afghanistan, stick all the no hoppers into a uniform send em out there in the place of the brave bloke's that are there now give them a plastic gun and tell em to kill the Taliban.

Why do we as a Nation put up with these useless things that don't deserve the name human. Bring back hanging, exportation (not to Ausie) but to Afgani and Iragi and anywhere else east of Suez and West of India.

There I have had my rant, feel free to rant along with me.
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