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It was in 1992 when Toyota introduced the latest Supra model. The car is still in production largely unchanged since then but a new version is rumoured to be prepared for introduction in 2001.

Toyota Celica Supra MK1 (1979-1981)

The first Celica Supra was introduced to America in 1979 as Toyota's response to the popular Datsun (a.k.a Nissan) Z-Car. Built on a Celica chassis that was lengthened 5.1 inches, the Toyota Supra replaced the Celica's 4-cylinder with a 2.6-liter SOHC inline-6. In appearance, the Toyota Supra was distinguished from the Celica by it's longer wheelbase, wide "B" pillar, unique grille (styled after the 2000GT) and its badging. The first generation Toyota Supra is commonly referred to as the Mark I (MKI). Changes: 1979: The first Celica Supra is introduced in America. Built on a Celica chassis that was lengthened 5.1 inches, the Toyota Supra replaced the Celica's 4-cylinder with a 2.6-liter SOHC inline-6. It also featured a four-link rear suspension with coil springs, lateral track bar and stabilizer bar. In appearance, the Toyots Supra was distinguished from the Celica by its longer wheelbase, wide "B" pillar, unique grille (styled after the 2000 GT) and its badging. 1980:(Ed note: Thanks to Christopher Eng for the following information) Changes are mostly cosmetic for the interior and exterior. The interior gets a redesigned/reshaped center console and a digital quart clock (the 79s had a analog quartz clock). On the exterior are redesigned left/right side view mirrors, the 14x5.5 aluminum rims, which were optional in 79, are now standard (the 79s had steel rims w/plastic wheel covers standard). In addition body molded mudflaps become available. On the Copper Metallic and White cars the flaps were painted the body color while on all other colors the flaps were left black. On the rear of the flaps, painted in white lettering, was the word "Celica". 1981: The big news is a new 2.8 liter SOHC engine that boasts 116 hp and 145 ft-lbs of torque. (hey it may not seem like much today but in 1981 these were fairly respectable numbers). A new Sports Performance Package is offered as an option including sport suspension, raised white letter tires, and front and rear spoilers. Alas this is the last year that an 8-track stereo tape deck is to be offered.


Toyota Celica Supra MK2 (1982-1986)

The biggest toyota supra gallery on the internet. Please click on the link above. Over 177 pictures available. Welcome to The Celica Supra Home Page! I have been having some trouble with this server recently and as a result, I have lost about 20% of the content on this site. You may notice some pictures which do not load. I am working to fix this, maybe even purchase my own domain name. Thanks for visiting, and feel free to e-mail me. If you have a Toyota Supra web page, please e-mail me with the link so I may add it to this page. You can also send me a picture of your car! I will add the picture to the toyota supra picture as soon as possible.

The 1986 model coud also be delivered with a new 3 litre toyota supra engine which boosted 192 hp (European version).

Toyota Supra MK3 (1986-1992)

As most of you know the factory floor mat for the Supra have been discontinued. We are in final negotiations with Toyota to re-produce the factory floor mat for the 93.5 - 98 Supra. This will be a ONE TIME OFFER. The manufacturer has agreed to re-produce them this one time and will never be offered again. The mat will be the direct factory replacement mat that came in the car. The only style that we be produced will be the black carpet mat with the Silver Toyota Supra stitching. The mats will cost about $60.00 per set, could come in cheaper depending on how many we purchase. We have to order a min. of 320 for the manufacturer to produce them. Now we need to know who and how many people will 100% commit. (since this is a one time only and never to be made again you might want to order more than one set) Reply to the post on Supra Forums with your name and phone number or send Jeff Watson or myself a private message to put you on the list.

The turbo model can propel itself 0-60 in just over 6 seconds.

Toyota Supra MK4 (1993-1998/2002)

With the fourth generation of the Supra, Toyota took a big leap in the direction of a more super sportscar. The new Supra was redesigned from the ground up, including a completely new engine which came either with no turbo or twin turbos. In 1998, Toyota ceased to export the cars from Japan, and they stopped production altogether in 2002 due to a decline in sales.


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